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My First Face to Face Appearance and Encounter with Jesus In E-mail
Người viết: David Emmanuel Taylor   

My First Face to Face Appearance and Encounter With Jesus

Intimacy Beyond Ecstasy

It was December 1989, during the Christmas season.  I fell fast asleep one night, about five to seven days before Christmas Eve. Suddenly, there He was with eyes glowing full of love. Standing in front of me was the man I’d heard about as a little boy my entire life.  I had heard about this man from my father and mother, and was taught that He died on the cross for my sins and rose again on the third day from the dead.  He still was not truly real to me, only a religious opinion.  He was just someone my parents told me about because of their religious beliefs.  Then, out of nowhere, there He was standing in front of me, face-to-face.  As He stood in front of me, His very presence exuded and emanated such gentleness; a pureness and kindness beyond this world.  It was ecstasy!  For the first time, I was standing in front of Jesus.  My whole being felt Him.  You can imagine the ecstasy I felt.  It was a feeling of intense glory!  It’s like wherever He stands... He fills the very atmosphere, air and molecules all around you.  Even the atoms inside your very body and being respond to Him. It was total ecstasy, indescribable, blistering with ecstatic eruption! My whole being felt like it was caught up into Heaven. The very atoms in my body made me feel like I was about to explode! Currents of  electricity went through me! 


He Was All Glorious And Powerful

    Standing in front of me was an awesome man, handsome and perfect in stature. He was just a little taller than me about 6 feet or more, the perfect height of a normal man.   As I gazed upon Him I saw that the color of His hair was sandy-brownish and parted at the top, coming over the sides of His face, down His shoulders in waves. The natural words of my vocabulary fail to describe how awesome He was then and how He is presently today! Jesus stood before me with eyes full of love and His face full of light and power. His eyes are so striking that when He looks at you, they penetrate through your very being, character and nature. When He looks at you with those eyes, He knows everything about you and nothing is hid from Him. His eyes are like an x-ray or a translucent ray of light. They penetrate and arrest you at the same time. Standing in front of me was Jesus, the King of Kings, but He stood there unassuming, just as common as a normal man.  This was His humility and meekness I was seeing, but I didn’t understand it then.
    It wasn’t until years later that I understood what I was seeing in His character which He mentions about Himself in Matthew 11:29 when He said:
    “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart:
    His humility was so shocking to me. At this point, He was no longer a distant person, who sat at the right hand of the throne beside God. He was real! He was alive! He was a man with a personality and He was standing in front of me!
Wearing a beautiful flowing white robe stood the One I now love and I am telling you about.  There He was, the One I had heard about growing up. He was so powerful, but yet gentle; so merciful, yet full of judgment; so meek and lowly, yet so silently bold. I was captivated by His love. The atmosphere was filled with electricity, but with a peace and a serenity beyond articulation.  Who was I that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords would come and appear to me like this after I had lived such a riotous, worldly and sinful life?  Years later, I wondered, for what reason would He come like this?
    My friend, who and what I am talking about is not just some religious myth, opinion or fairy-tale. He is more real than the very breath of air you’ve just taken, the clothes you feel on your body or this book you are holding in your hands reading this very second! I am talking about the most genuine person you will ever want to meet and I saw Him for the very first time eighteen years ago. He was nothing like the church has described Him or has even portrayed in this day. Even now, men and women everywhere, and in the church at large, have failed to describe Him to His fullest.


He Was Suddenly Talking To Me

    In this dream, there stood Jesus as I have described. I was standing in front of Him as He was present with me, face-to-face, unaware that years later Exodus 33:11 would become the foundational scripture fueling the passion of my pursuit for His friendship and intimacy.

Exodus 33:11 says; “And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.

When Jesus looked at me, I knew what He wanted without Him using or moving His mouth. Then He was suddenly talking with me telling me to come to Him and give my life and follow Him.  This is all He said to me.  His words were not long but they were short. Later I found out why His mouth didn’t move. You see, in the Spirit, you don’t need the natural faculties of your body to communicate.  It is only, here, on earth that you need them.  The Bible says in Romans 8:16, “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit.” So, when God talks to us, He speaks to our spirit and we hear Him clearly with our spirit, just as we hear with our natural ears. He then began to speak saying, David forsake your best friend, give your life to me and follow me.  At that time I had a best friend in the world who was not saved neither was he ready to really be saved or give his life and heart to the Lord at this time.  So Jesus was telling me to forsake that relationship and follow Him.  This is what happens with many young people and adults when they initially follow Christ.  They are not willing to separate themselves from the worldly influence. You can’t truly follow Jesus and follow the worldly relationships or friendships you once had.  You must be willing to even give up your best friend if Jesus requires you to!  I know someone is thinking or saying, but the Bible says, “That no man hath seen God at anytime” (John 1:18) and “no man can see God and live” (Exodus 33:20) just as God told Moses. That’s true, but when the Bible says these scriptures they are not referring to Jesus, but to the Father. During that time, before Jesus shed His blood to put us back into right standing with the Father, no man could see God and live because of sin.  Jesus can appear to us and we can look on His face (John 1:14).  Who did Paul see on the Road to Damascus when he was knocked off his horse? Jesus. Who did John the Beloved see on the Isle of Patmos face to face? It was Jesus. Jesus also appeared to 500 brethren at one time after His resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:6). So, don’t tell me that this experience wasn’t real and that He doesn't appear to men today. He is the same as He was yesterday, today and forever more. I know it was Jesus the Son of God, who was standing in front of me, face to face.


Forever Changed

    After this first experience, little did I know that for the next eighteen years I was about to have incredible, yearly, consistent face-to-face encounters and visitations with Jesus, that would turn into an intimate friendship with Him personally.  These appearance that started as visitations and encounters from Jesus happened through dreams, visions, and in the bright open day while I was wide-awake.  This encounter, one night, in 1989 changed the course of my life forever!


The Intimacy Continues
The Ecstasy Begins

Jesus Takes Me To The Waterfall

Even after high school when I went off to college to become a chef, the hunger didn't die.  As a matter of fact, it grew greater with intensity, as well, as the visitations. These were the times when I learned the most and Jesus would come, personally, to teach me and give me answers. As this happened, the Lord and I became closer.  The more I sought Him and drew near to Him, the more He drew near to me and we became friends. I say this not out of presumption but out of proof from the Lord, Himself, validating it with signs and wonders validating.
For instance, one sign was when I was doing my college internship.  I was sent to Rhode Island where there are a lot of young people serving Satan and the occult.  I remember during that time of my internship, the Lord had me witnessing and getting a lot of people saved and delivered from the occult. Now, battling witchcraft has a way of affecting and wearing down your mind.  I became so extremely tired from battle and needed a break. 
I remember talking to one of my college friends, Richard Lambert, saying, " I really would like to go to a waterfall to get away, meditate and spend some deep time with the Lord."  I have always liked going to waterfall settings to meditate on the Lord, but at this time I didn't have any transportation to go anywhere.  It was barely two days later when the Lord came, got me, and this time it wasn't just a dream. He came and got me in body and took me to a waterfall that was so beautiful. It had three tier levels of water flowing so beautifully. I knew this wasn't Heaven because we never left earth's atmosphere.



The Waterfall Experience

“One Of The Greatest Moments Of My Life With Him”

“And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock”
“And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock”
(Ex 33:21-22)

He took me at a fast rate and we appeared on the cliff’s ledge facing the opposite side of the waterfall.  I remember me standing on the edge of this high mountain next to Jesus looking over across at another high mountain from which this waterfall towered down.  It was a rocky cliff that I remembered my feet touching.  We stood and looked at this beautiful water falling off the cliff. To this day, I don't know where in the world, the Lord took me and I didn't even think to ask.  I was just caught up in the moment being with the Lord again.  My eyes are welling up with tears while I am writing this to you as if I was still there now. I remember it with such vivid memory.  Oh, how I love Him!  There He was again.  Jesus had on, as usual, a white beautiful robe that came down to His feet. He stood by me quietly while we watched the water.  I could tell by the expression on Jesus face that He enjoyed looking at this waterfall just as much as I did.  I didn’t know that He liked water and looking at waterfalls also, but years later I would come to find out that He has His own personal waterfall in His backyard at His mansion in Heaven which I will tell you of later.  I remember standing on the right side of Him. As He stood next to me He said nothing at this point.  We just fellowshipped. One thing that I learned about Jesus is that He does not talk very much. He is a man of few words. Sometimes words are unexpressive and when spoken can destroy a beautiful moment.  


He Stood Side By Side With Me Like A Friend

“And the night following, the Lord stood by Him
“And the Lord descended in the cloud, and stood with him there
The Lord stood with me and strengthened me”

(Acts 23:11) (Ex. 34:5) (2 Tim 4:17)

I also learned to follow Jesus’ lead.  For instance, if He is quiet then I am quiet or if He gives me an opportunity to speak then I speak.  I just follow what He does when He visits.  So, I was quiet, as well, while He stood there until He allowed the opportunity for me to speak. Because the water was so beautiful I said, "Lord, can I get up under the water and splash in It?"  His gentle reply was, “No.”   Then He went on to say, "If you would get up under the water, it would kill you because of the weight and tons of water coming off of the cleft."  During that time, I couldn’t tell if He had taken me in my physical body form until He answered my question.  It felt like one of the other visitations in a dream where He would come and take my spirit of my body.  Now, I understand clearly when Paul said in II Corinthians 12: 2-3, "Whether in the body, I cannot tell or whether out of the body I cannot tell."   When Jesus said this to me, it dawned on me that I wasn't there in spirit only, because if I was the water could have just went right through me without hurting me. 
He, was in so many words telling me that it could kill me because I was there with Him in body. There are times that Jesus can come and take your spirit out of your body, and then there are times He can come and translate you in physical body form. When the Lord takes your spirit out of your body, your spirit man looks just like the image of your natural man so you can't really tell the difference unless there is a distinction made like in this case.  I just thought it in my mind, mentioned it to my friend and Jesus did this for me without me even asking.  At that time, I began to understand what the scripture means when it says, "Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we ask or think."
After this experience, I began to realize that we had developed something special. It was a deep fellowship and communion.  It was ecstasy; no it was an intimacy beyond ecstasy, but I didn’t know that it could get anymore intense!  Not even this was the ultimate.  I didn’t know it, but He was about to challenge me to receive the ultimate compliment and reward from Himself to become His personal friend.  I didn’t know it but the relationship was about to go to another dimension.  It took me years later to realize according to scripture what had really taken place!



“You Can Have This Relationship Too”

You can have this continual face to face contact with Jesus through appearances.  This is not just a one time supernatural encounter or a sign and wonder experience with the Lord that I’m talking about.  That is shallow!  It’s great but shallow; I’m talking about a face to face relationship of intimacy and friendship that you can have with the Lord continually for the rest of your life.  Jesus shed His blood for you to have this level of relationship with Him.   You can have the greatest relationship with the Lord ever known unto man yet!  You may ask, “What did you do to get that relationship with Jesus?”  Some would say, “You don't have to do anything, it's just by grace and mercy.” There is a balance. I believe everything God allows is by His mercy and grace, but at the same time there are things He requires us to do before He will act upon it.  Jesus said, "Draw nigh unto me" and then He says and, “I will draw nigh unto you.”
 In my three year college experience, I spent countless hours on that cold bathroom floor in my room. I would sing and worship the Lord for hours.  I wouldn’t make it the focus to ask for His gifts, power, or ministry, but I would sing and ask for a deep closer walk, relationship and friendship with Him. There are hundreds of more visitations and appearances Jesus gave me that I could tell you.  But these recorded  were written so that you might develop a greater hunger for this special face to face relationship with Jesus and to also show you that you can have the same.  If you do not want a real face to face appearance, and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ on this level you might as well close the contents of this article forever!  Because after reading this you will have an encounter and an appearance from the Lord like you have never experienced that will change your life forever!  Then after the initial appearance encounter that the Lord will give you, you will begin to have a consistent face to face relationship in this way with the Lord.  I can’t say how often, frequent or even in the amount of time spent that He will visit you.  All I know is suddenly when you least expect it He will show up changing your life forever. 


Ask The Lord For This Relationship Now

I know that there are those who may be reading this  who hasn’t given their life to Jesus.  He loves you too and wants to give you this same experience just like He did for me when I was unsaved at seventeen.  I want you right now to do what I did in 1989 when I was just a teenager.  Lift one of your hands up to God and say these words, “Lord Jesus I give you my life.  I confess that you are Lord and that God your Father has raised you from the dead.  I believe in You and Your finished work that You did for me on Calvary.  I receive your blood that You shed for me and I ask you to forgive me for every evil sin that I’ve done against You up until now.  You are Lord in my life and I ask you to give me your precious Holy Spirit that I may live the way that you want me to live.  Baptize me now in the Holy Spirit and bring me now in this face to face fellowship and relationship with Jesus so I can experience the tangibleness of how real He is.  This I ask Father in Jesus name, amen”.
I began to seek the Lord asking Him about the reality of Christ in the church. The more I sought the Lord, the more He showed me how we are supposed to be moving with a greater level of glory and power than the early church did in Acts and in the Old Testament prophets and apostles. I did not see this happening and I began to get even more frustrated.  I sought God continually, fasted almost every single day, and I saw Him give me answers.  I will share some of these answers.  During my college days for about 2 to 3 full years, I had spent countless hours with the Lord in fellowship.  I sat on that cold bathroom floor singing the same song for hours wanting to be close to Him, staying in my college dorm room apartment for days.  In college I loved Him so much that when the Lord commanded, I stayed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday breaks to spend extra time with Him when other students went home to see their families.


He Promised Me In A Visitation That He Will Come To You

    During a visitation, Jesus promised me that He would draw closer to everyone who picks up this book and reads it.  While you are reading this book and by the time you complete it, you will have already developed in your spirit, not only a greater hunger, but you will gain the relationship you so much desire with Him, as well, even beyond your wildest imagination of what you could have with Him.  So, be ready for your life to be dramatically revolutionized and turned upside down as you read and discover what has been waiting for you in this face to face relationship since the world initially began that God has had a plan for your life.  Learn like thousands of others how you can experience a face to face relationship with Jesus.  One in which He appears to you not only once, but on a regular basis.  The Lord also promised me saying, “Those who read this book will begin to have visitations and appearances from Me personally, David.”  Jesus promised me that what he has already made happen in my life will begin to fall on you, but even greater. 


Here’s What You Can Expect

    He said, “Even those who I have already appeared to, or who are having appearance experiences,they will increase dramatically and have many more!”  Get ready!  We have already begun to witness these face to face visitation appearances from Jesus among a number of people who, after hearing this truth and hearing me give this testimony have been visited.  This started with me personally at home and then from my two children to pastors and their wives along with their members.  This started happening in small and large churches which are in very large churches.  Even to pastors that have 400 churches under their leadership!  Jesus is appearing to them and establishing covenant relationships, friendships and deep intimacy from their testimonies and caused revival to break out in different regions. I know that from Jesus personal face to face appearance to me telling me that He would appear to those that hear this message or read this book, the same will also happen with you as it has to hundreds of thousands of others over the last preparatory 18-20 years of the ministry the Lord has given me.  I can’t tell you the exact time He will come but some has ranged from the very same night they went to sleep, to an average of about 3-4 months time.  We have noticed a very quick turn over rate. The longest on an average is 3-4 months but I’ve also seen a much smaller percentage of people that has seen him after a year or two. But that group range is about 2 percent out of a hundred.  Immediately when you read this book the visitations of an unusual increase of the Lord communicating with you through dreams upon your life as well as to your wife and children’s life will begin. But the face to face appearance visitation happens in the Lord’s timing as He chooses.  So, do you really want to know Jesus in a way you have not known Him yet.  I don’t just mean to know Christ or have the knowledge of Christ, but to have the excellency (highest) of the knowledge of Christ.  Don’t you want more than going to church to just hear about Him or maybe just to feel His presence or anointing power!?  Don’t you want more?  Did you know there was more?  Most people don’t.


Don't Be Afraid

“You Do Not Have To Be Afraid Of The Lord Appearing To You”

    To some this may sound exciting for Jesus to appear to you face to face but at the same time fearful to others in the simple fact of seeing the Lord.  This behavior or fear is not usual because most people recorded in history when the Lord or His angel appeared to them He had to tell them to “Fear not” while He was standing in front of them!  This is His same admonition to you when He comes or before He comes.  Don’t be afraid.  There is nothing to fear in the bad sense of this word.  Although great reverence is manifested from the intensity of His presence, He does not want us to fear Him in an ungodly way or in a fleshly manner.  It’s just the opposite, He wants us to love Him and experience Him! He wants to have confidence when He appears to us (1 John 2:28).  Every visitation that the Lord has come to man and they were afraid He immediately encouraged them against fear.  He wants us to have confidence at His coming and not to be ashamed or afraid!


Here’s What’s Happening

    The purpose the Lord gave me for writing this to you as your brother in Christ was not to flaunt and pridefully boast of my supernatural experiences with the Lord.  This is not my heart and it’s definitely not the Lord’s heart or purpose at all.  He told me that His purpose for me writing this was to be a witness of these things which I have seen and heard from Him on a face to face level to build faith in your life and to let you know that you too as well can have this face to face relationship with God’s Son.  It is our loving Heavenly Father revealing His Son in an intimate way through these face to face experiences in this book…

“No man knoweth the Son but the Father”                                (Matt 11:27)

    His purpose for me writing the book: Face to Face Appearances from Jesus is to bring you closer to “The Son of God” in relationship and intimacy by giving you a face to face experience with Him that you never dreamed or thought possible!  Humbly I say this, I have experienced this and am a witness that there is a relationship you can have with Jesus on this level. You can have this relationship with your Savior and Lord unprecedentedly like you have never known, that will leave you saying like Paul did in Romans, “O the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.” 
    In the book that I’ve written entitled “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus” also added along with my successes many of my failures in this relationship with the Lord for the purpose of showing His divinity and my humanity lest any man should think of me above that which he perceive or hear me to be in this book.  I am human, and I’ve made many mistakes in my walk with Jesus.  But He lovingly abided faithful to me in this covenant relationship that we have, through adjusting my heart, mind and life by dealing with me as a son and correcting me in love.  This is what Paul meant when he said, “He would rather glory in his weaknesses than his strengths or in himself.” 

“Of such an one will I glory and yet of myself I will not glory but in mine infirmities” 
(2 Cor 12:5)

“For though I would desire to glory, I shall not be a fool for I will say the truth but now I forbear; lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth me to be or that he hearth of me” (2 Cor 12:6)

“And lest I should be exalted (by man) above measure through the abundance of revelation, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure” … therefore gladly will I glory in my infirmities (1 Cor 12:3-9)

    Paul knew by telling these supernatural experiences that he had with the Lord and out of body trips to Heaven, that men would have a tendency to think of him more highly than he really was with God.  We are not perfect here on Earth and all we will ever be until the redemption of our body is flesh or earthen vessels.  We are human and are prone to make mistakes.  Another thing is these experiences also causes the one who have them to appear and look to the natural human perception, that we are more perfect than we presently are!  It causes a perception that we are in a place of integrity and character with God that we are not. 
    All of us at our best state and on our perfect day is flawed.  This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to live up to God’s best standards by the Holy Ghost.  It’s not because I have done everything perfect that these experiences with Jesus has been solely granted to me.  I can say that I have loved him to the best of my ability beyond my faults and failures.  All of us have made many mistakes.  Some greater than others but nevertheless the Lord loves us and still gives us the opportunity to change and to move on to victory with Him.  I have seen by experience that God gets more glory out of our weakest moments than the strongest moments in our own self accomplishments.  This allows His strength to be revealed and His strength is made perfect or to its complete manifestation through us in our failures.
    As you learn the mystery of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God He will begin to appear to you like He’s done many tens of thousands through this message as He promised in His word.  You will begin to meet Him face to face in an intimate way when He appears to you!  This book has been written to arrange a face to face meeting and continual relationship of intimacy between you and His Son Jesus and not only for now in this world but for all eternality.  I love Him and I love you also and I really want you to taste what I’ve experienced with Him as well.  This is His heart, and so that makes it my heart and purpose as well.  Be blessed as your life experience the joys of this face to face relationship with the presence of Jesus through appearances.  Experience what I call with Him, an Intimacy Beyond Ecstasy.

David Emmanuel Taylor

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